Live Life Lavishly…

Live Life Lavishly
Know your #Worth
Have your own #Style
#Success is not an Accident
Put in the #Work
Remain #Positive

Live Life Lavishly.

On my left arm for the past 8 years I have had a tattoo that I have felt is a great way to view life and live it.  I have come to consider it my own personal “Call to Action”, if you will. My own personal “quote” to live by.  And I have always felt if you have something GREAT you should share it with the world. Let everyone experience it.   So I will be using this website to share with you the things I have come across to help you grow, live, be healthy, have fun, be motivated, and just in general change your lifestyle.
These are all items, methods, and thoughts based on my personal experiences or opinions so feel free to disagree with anything and everything! But I do ask that you try to keep an open mind to everything.  I will be sharing a lot of thoughts.  Life is too short to be closed minded or stuck in a particular way or belief. Try things, engage with others, and most importantly SHARE with everyone!
If you do find something here that works for you, or you try out, or enjoy…please please please SHARE IT with someone else. Share this site with someone else. And share the experience with someone else.
Everyone wants to live life, so why not try to Live Life Lavishly?

You have everything to gain and minimal to lose.


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One of my favorite chill mixes.
Hope you enjoy!!