Gym Workout Vol. 1

Lets jump straight into it.

Im not your typical gym rat who clangs and bangs everyday. I would like to think I fall somewhere in between the occasional lifter and the hardcore banger. I do not obsess over which bottle of which supplement I am going to take in between reps of Chest Press and Seated Dips.  (there are sooo many options!!!)

I do however obsess over what tunes I am going to be playing that will keep me PUMPED through every phase of the workout on my Powerbeats.  Music helps me to focus and get in my zone.

Are there curated playlist from professionals and Apple Music already for the gym elite? Yes there are. Actually there are quite a few…but the randomness is challenging at times.

So I wanted to share with you my playlist based on commonality. This is Volume 1 (Aftermath Edition). I rotate around a new list usually every couple of weeks.  I found this list to be perfect for my upper torso workout that ends with some cardio biking/running.


If you do not have Apple Music, I apologize in advance. I was not sure how many people have google play. I will try to make another one for the other platforms used to stream music.

Until then..enjoy the tunes! Let me know your thoughts on which tracks you think should be added or if any should be removed.

And enjoy those lifts! 🏋🏾





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