Faith Evans & Notorious B.I.G. – When We Party feat. Snoop Dogg

Its not often that I stumble into a remake or rendition of a classic Biggie song where I not only appreciate the fact that they have tastefully used his vocals but enjoy the song as well.

Then March 2017 happened, and I came across Faith Evans’ new project.  Titled The King & I, it appears to be a Faith Evans album sprinkled with features, Christopher Wallace’s Mother, and classic Notorious verses from his albums.  Obviously the downfall with any “NEW” song by or with B.I.G. is that everything is NEW but the verse you hear from the late and great B.I.G.  The upside?  Well of course the fact that if you were a Biggie fan you know the whole verse once you hear the first 3 words.

When We Party features (is it features or samples?) The iconic Going Back to Cali verses.  Coupled with a still groovy Snoop Dogg, Smooth Cali Faith Evans hook, and a bonafide west coast styled banger we have a hit.  A hit that is sure to be playing in clubs from East to West then back East.


As a self proclaimed Biggie junkie (Im that guy playing Biggie house mixes and blends) I had to check it out. And while I was torn between picking this or “NYC” featuring Jadakiss I had to pick this one first, as its got that Bad Boy crossover feel good vibe.  But Im still playing NYC on my commute through the city.

Click below to check it out.

Lemme know your thoughts and check back for the next pick of the month (03.17).




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