If That Makes Sense: The Starting Blocks

It is year 2017, we have come so far in the last 5 years, compared to the 5 before that, which was even further than the 5 before that.  We have technology at our fingertips and in our faces on a daily basis.  We have more access now than we have ever had before.  Access to almost anything and everything around the world.

But with all of the access we have, we have created a crutch for ourselves.  A crutch on which we unknowingly rob ourselves of the access we gave ourselves.  A crutch which has caused us to lose access to pivotal research and information, that could help millions of people.  A lot of people are missing out on information because they do not have access to the information they need.  This crutch has created the reasons we do not have access, and below I go into the reasons.

The cost ($$$) of what we want and need.

In the chase for “perceived success” we have decided it is better to SAVE as much possible.  Squirrel away and grow out when ready.  While this may sometimes work, it has led to cutting out the smaller things that could help double or triple the speed at which we are trying to go.  Instead of paying $20-$30 for information (this is just a middle ground I picked, as there are courses and books at a lower and larger cost available) we would rather assume something else that has no cost.  I have fallen for this logic too as it is deceptive enough to get the better of anyone.

Why would I pay Author A $25 for his book telling me how to do something when I could probably figure it out on my own?  Because you are paying for more than just the information, you are paying for the saved TIME.  You are paying for the luxury of reading/listening/watching something for a few minutes that will save you a few days.  This gives you more TIME to do more, try more, learn more, find more, and ultimately LIVE MORE.  So, let’s say you have decided to part with your hard-earned money, in pursuit of this knowledge.  You go to the book store, or online to find your instruction manual on how to improve and be better at something.  You run into the second thing stopping many people.

Saturation of the market.

We have so much information that we no longer know what is right and what is wrong.  It has become difficult to decipher what works and what does not because everyone is an “expert” or has “perceived success”.  But we do not know if they are successful because of what they have done NOW or something prior that is finally paying off.  Success has become hard to gauge and harder to define.  There is no one success that is better than the other.

Let us use food as an example here.  A successful home chef is just as successful as a celebrity chef you see on the Food Network.  But the celebrity chef has a book available, alongside the other celebrity chefs that have books available.  Where do you begin?  Which book do you decide to purchase?  Which has what you need?  Which will tell you their hidden secret to how they got there and how you can get there too, to dethrone them of their position as an “expert”?  Honestly, probably none of them.

They will all have possibly life changing recipes and inspirational wisdom that will change your life.  But do you really need to purchase ALL of them?  Of course, not.  There is no consolidation of information, and as such we have multiple books, videos, websites, blogs, guest speakers, and celebrities all saying some of the same things.

Whether its success in sales, business, gym, health, life changes, etc. they are all the same.  They got there with hard work.  They were in the trenches grinding and kept going a little bit further than some that did not make it.  But do not forget about the home chef either.

The home chef that has a KILLER recipe that could blow the celebrity chefs minds and taste buds, if they went head to head.  The home chef that does not have a book but a simple catering business that makes great food and saves others time.   The home chef that could also give you some poignant information about how they got where they are and how they plan to get to their next goal.  But how do you find them in the crowd?  In a crowd of bullhorns and signs, how do you hear them when they only have a whistle?  How do you find them when you do not even know their name?  And once you have found them, which of them do you listen to?

With the saturation of information and news we have now it is difficult to figure out who to listen to and what part of what they are saying is most important.  This leads to the next two reasons I feel the majority of the general public are missing out on great information that is available.  They are both built on fear.

The fear of the unknown.

One of the reasons a lot of people are missing out on information is because of the fear of the unknown.  Whilst, a majority of the general public have the pride and no concerns in buying “Self-Help” books and other mediums to learn more, there is a growing community amongst us that are not purchasing anything.  They are not because they are afraid it will not work.  It has become deeply embedded in society to go for the sure bet.  Go for what works or what is perceived to work.  There is a major flaw with this thought process that we do not see.  The numbers almost never lean in favor of that plan or objective working, but instead of seeing the disparity in the numbers, we see the anomaly.

We see the one offs or the freak circumstances that lead to it working and we turn those anomalies into status quo.  This is one of the reasons more and more people will take the gamble on a bet or lottery, even though the statistics/odds are harshly against them. (there is another reason we gamble on a whole, but I will discuss that on a later date.)  This is why when we see something work for one, we assume it will work for all.  But we dismiss the other surrounding people it did not work for.  There is NEVER a sure bet.

There will always be different ways to create results, some ways that will work for the majority, and some ways that will work for the minority of people.  Once we find the ways or systems that work, the next step would be to distribute this information to our friends, and their friends, and so forth.  This leads to the next reason there is a vast majority of people missing out on the information that could help them.

The fear of not knowing.

The other reason a lot of people are missing out on information is because of the fear of not knowing.  They are afraid to tell themselves they do not know or understand something.  It has become almost taboo to admit that you do not know or understand how something works or the process by which effectiveness is developed in.  Most people would rather “Fake it until they make it” than be caught purchasing instructions on how to do something or learn something.  This fake it leads to false truth, that is still the same as not knowing.

Admission of incompletion is the first step towards growth.  If you do not admit to yourself that you need help in learning, you will never learn.  If you do not learn, you will not grow.  And eventually as everyone else is moving forwards and growing, you will still be in the same spot.  While you have not gone backwards in undoing, you will go backwards in remaining the same as everyone has excelled.

Now understand this is not the majority but this is a growing group that can very quickly become the majority because of the assumed reaction they feel they will get from society if seen admitting they do not know something.  As a society, we have to accept the unknown and not knowing.  We have to be OK with being behind so we can GROW to move forward.  We have to be content with not being the best, so we can learn from the best and those that are better than us.  We have to have the humility to admit that there IS someone out there better than us.  And if we work hard we could eventually be better than them, with them looking at us for their own growth.

We must decide to start somewhere, whether it is starting to invest more in ourselves and spend for knowledge or whether it is starting to take small steps to become unfearful.  The first step in a marathon is the biggest because it is the proof you are in the race.  It is proof you are participating.

We must decide to begin participating and break hold of what is keeping us from accessing the information.  Once we do this we will get closer to accomplishing everything we want to.  It is easy to agree with or disagree with everything I have written but aside from my opinions, the fact still remains. We have to start somewhere, and we have to start sooner than later.

In the race, I hope to see you on the starting blocks soon. 🙂

If you agree or disagree with this post please leave me feedback below!  I look forward to all replies I get!  And SHARE this post if you found something in it beneficial you feel someone else could use to build upon themselves as well. – jae


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