Gorillaz – We Got the Power

Gorillaz have a new song.  Yes, The Gorillaz from Clint Eastwood fame.  Gorillaz that made you “Feel Good”.  Back with a new SONG, that has a new VIDEO, on a NEW ALBUM (!!).  They do not take very long letting you know what you have been missing and what they have decided to return with.



With a smooth synth to begin the song and a double time tempo that makes you feel like your listening to a throwback garage band jam the animated band cannot lose.  They hit you with a very mellow upbeat hit that makes you wanna move.  The new album “Humanz” is full of these kind of songs that keep your head bopping.


In a time when everyone has an agenda and safety has lost all general meaning we need more of these jams.  We need more Bruno Mars’ anthems.  We need more of The Weeknd’s falsetto on Daft Punk quality beats. We need more Louie Vega remixes. And we absolutely need more of these Gorillaz tracks.

So if you have not heard it yet…PLEASE..

Click below to check it out.

Lemme know your thoughts and check back for the picks of the month (05.17).



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