If That Makes Sense: Living Life Lavishly.

Living life is something that we often take for granted.  We assume that because we are AWAKE we are LIVING.  But many of us are still very much asleep as we do our day to day tasks.  We may be AWAKE but we are not living.  And we are definitely not Living Lavishly.  I got a tattoo a few years back, that says “Living Life Lavishly”.  And not everyone understood the context in which I meant the phrase.  Some took it as living life like a baller.  Buying only the most expensive things and having a taste for only the better things in life.  But this is not the whole picture of “Living Life Lavishly”.  I wanted to break down what it means to me and why I think this is the only way we should live.


There are many different definitions of living but for this piece I will use the Merriam-Webster definitions.


  1. a :  having life

b :  activefunctioning >> living languages

  1. a :  exhibiting the life or motion of nature :  natural
  2. a :  full of life or vigor

b :  true to life :  vivid >> televised in living color

c :  suited for living >> the living area

  1. 4:  involving living persons
  2. 5:  very —used as an intensive >> scared the living daylights out of me


Each one of these represent the parts of living, that we all try to experience.  Whether it is having the feeling of being ALIVE/ACTIVE, feeling the rush of BREATHING and EXPERIENCING, seeing our surroundings in full VIVID color, being with people/animals/creatures that create the spontaneity of life, or being on the EXTRA/EXTREME/INTENSE side of things.  Living is something that we are blessed and fortunate to do on a day to day basis but it is so much more than just breathing in air and accomplishing menial tasks.  It is more than just riding a bus or train to the office.  It is more than closing a mega deal at the office and earning a bonus.

Living is about the feelings you have while doing all those things.  It is about the sounds, smells, and visuals you encounter on a day to day basis.  We spend so much time viewing our surroundings but we don’t spend the same time enjoying our surroundings, appreciating them.  Living is about becoming part of the surrounding you are watching.  Adding your own sounds, creating your own smells (good ones hopefully), and creating visuals for yourself and others.  Just in appreciating this life we live we can become immersed in it.  Immersion is key to living.  We spend so much time trying to stand out that we forget to live in the process.  If we could find a way to first live and enjoy the life in which we live, then standing out from the crowd will become the least of our concerns.  It is the reason that in a beautiful painting we can see each color and appreciate each color’s trait.  Even the shades of the same colors.  It is not because it stands out from the rest but because it is in perfect harmony with the rest, that you see its characteristics and beauty.


There are many arguments and definitions of life.  Everyone has their own answer to what they believe is the definition of life.  I will not get too complex with this one, for sake of staying on subject.  I will keep it short, simple, and sweet.  Life is having the pleasure to live.  It is being able to experience any of the five senses we have as humans.  Not all five, but any of the five.  Life is something we take for granted, until we do not have it anymore, especially if it is taken from us too soon.  So the key to life is finding pleasure in all small and large moments.


This is honestly my favorite of the three.  Lavish(Lavishly) also has many definitions, as the previous two words did.  But in simplest aspects, lavish or lavishly is profusion.  It is giving or expending in great amounts, without limitation.  It may mean the richest and finest things but that does not necessarily mean costly things.  It simply means what YOU view as the finest things without dollar value.  It may be a physical item, but it may also be something that elicits a strong emotional response in you.  Having a lavish experience could mean renting a yacht but it could also mean going water skiing.  It could mean going to a Knicks game and sitting court side, but it could also mean going every weekend with your group of friends to your favorite bar and watching the Knicks play there. (I picked the Knicks for personal reasons but this could be any team) It does not have to be about material things or the cost of those things, unless you want it to be.  It is the reason you can lavish someone with praise or love.

Living a Lavish Life.

If we put this all together Living a Lavish Life’s translation could be interpreted different ways.  To feel the rush or intensity of any of your senses without any limitation, over the time of your existence.  Another translation would be: to have pleasurable encounters with living things or persons in the largest amounts possible.  For foodies that might be the best tasting burger or beef wellington of your life, to date.  For thrill seekers, that might be sky diving from an airplane with the wind hitting your face.  Or it may be graduating with your best friends from high school or college, surrounded by your loved ones and theirs.  Or it might be all of these and more.  It all depends on what you deem or consider lavish.  The important thing here is not what the literal definition is, but more importantly how we can go about accomplishing this, and helping others accomplish it as well.  Once we do that, it will become more than a phrase, or a tattoo on someone’s arm.  It will become our call to action, our mantra, and simply put our way to live.

If you agree or disagree with this post please leave me feedback or a comment below!  I look forward to all replies I get!  And SHARE this post if you found something in it beneficial you feel someone else could use to build themselves up as well. – jae


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