Kendrick Lamar – Love feat. Zacari

If you follow hip hop or new music then you probably are aware that there is a new album out called “DAMN”.  King Kendrick, or Kung Fu Kenny as his new alias is heard on the new project, has returned with possibly his most anticipated album.  The album is critically acclaimed from most reviews on the internet and is possibly his most commercially acceptable project since GKMC.


While I am very excited to do a FULL review, of the entire album, I have to reserve myself.  I have listened to this album front to back, track to track, jumped around, played songs over and over again for the last week.  And while I have done all of this, I am STILL finding gems sprinkled throughout.  Whether in the production, or the composition of the songs, or the impressive lyricism.  And with the This is not an album you can review hastily and think you have caught every single detail or aspect.  And while you may go ahead and say you do not need to, the album plays as if you need to catch 95% of what is being played and said to get the overall concept.  Even in the videos that he has released to date for the songs, of his choice.  There is soooo much going on that you cannot possibly catch it all on 2 listens or views.


With that being said, I have decided to pick the one song on the album that I feel is going to be HUGE this summer, or at least have the potential to be HUGE.  I had many options.  There was the Rihanna featured LOYALTY, that sounds like it is already shipped to the radios and ready to play…on repeat.  There is the direct uppercut ELEMENT, that sounds like Kendrick is still putting the industry on notice.  And of course there is HUMBLE, the lead single that lights everything in close proximity on flames.  And those are just 3 of the songs on this very strong album.  But I did not pick any of those.  Instead I chose the track titled LOVE.


LOVE feat. Zacari oozes of everything you want from a bonafide summer hit.  With the right amount of feel good vibes and a sun soaked beat that lays the perfect backdrop for beach cruising, basketball bleacher music, or sunny day lounging.  The chorus and refrain are catchy enough that it will be perfect for radio.  It features a relatively new/unheard of singer by the name of Zacari.  Zacari provides a certain vulnerability when he sings and harmonizes that gives the song even more emotional depth.  Kendrick tones down his mood to smoothly ask “If I minimize my net worth, would you still, love me?” and to exclaim “Keep it a hundred, I’d rather you trust me than to, love me…Keep it a whole one hund…don’t got you, I got nothing”.

There is not anything lyrically numbing that will blow up the world when you hear this but that is what is refreshing about the song.  It has depth in saying the simplest things.  And sometimes that is all you really need, the simplest things.  So check out the track!  And buy the album!!  It is worth every cent.

I am sure you will hear it again, and even if you do not, listen to it a few times and you will find yourself hearing it in your head, if no where else. “Living Lovely.”

Lemme know your thoughts and check back for the picks of the month (05.17).



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