If That Makes Sense: Loving What You Do vs. Doing What You Love


It is commonly said that if you are doing what you love then you will find your happiness in that work.  While I feel there is a definite reason you should do what you love I also feel that there is another source in work that happiness is found from. Doing what you love is the best way to find a quick joy but how long will it last? Is it a momentary jubilee, or a brief break in splendor? How does that extend from a week, to a month, to a year, to a decade?  There is another part of the equation we are missing. This is vital in having a continued joy throughout your work. Continued joy will lead to better production and overall growth and success, that you may not even notice is occurring.


Loving what you do.

This is usually viewed on the opposite side of doing what you love.  It’s a clever twist on the words.  But more than the twist there is something in that quote that rings loud and clear.  Why would you not love what you do?  Many people enjoy what they do.  Many people just do it out of obligation.  Whether it is bills to pay, financially strained situations, or a place filler of their day.  They have grown accustomed to accomplishing as it is part of their day to day routine.  How do you get to the point of loving what you do?  You can try to grow a love for the current position you occupy.  Maybe you can but if you are not doing what you love it may be difficult to acquire that certain admiration for the job you are doing.


We should rethink the title of this post.

Instead of “vs. ” we should change it to “+”.  If you are doing what you love AND loving what you do then you have a higher possibility at finding lasting happiness in the workplace.  While some will say they do not need happiness at work they are fine, this is not truthful.  Happiness or Joy is an emotion that is felt after the completion of a task, job, or chore.  If you can find a way to maintain a positive outlook during the task all the way til completion then you will find satisfaction in the end product.  This satisfaction will create happiness.  It’s the concept behind why a contractor works so hard during a remodel to get to the completion of the project.

There is a very big difference between settling and being contented. Instead of settling for the happiness we have or settling for what is easily completed we should push further. Push until we are content with the results. This will create the happiness we desire.  If you truly are doing something you love and you are loving the work you are doing then you will not want to settle. While it is still work it will become enjoyable instead of burdensome. You will find yourself working until you are content with the results. You will look back at the completion and be happy you invested the time and energy in the process.


The equation is easy to remember:



The difficult part is finding out what you love to do and how to start doing it. Then learning how to love what you are doing.  Getting that part of the equation completed will not be easy. That in itself will be work, not easy work. You will probably have to ask and answer some tough questions to yourself.  Just remind yourself that the best things life has to offer you require work and are not easy. Focus on the first part, do not aim for both. In math you find one variable then work on the next. Treat this the same way. Do not worry with how long it takes you to find what out what to truly DO.  Again, everything that is worth its wait takes time. And remind yourself, once one is accomplished the other is closer. And once both are done you know the reward that is waiting for you.

If you agree or disagree with this post please leave me feedback or a comment below!  I look forward to all replies I get, and appreciate any feedback!  Please SHARE this post if you found something in it beneficial you feel someone else could use to build themselves up as well. – jae


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