The Bookshelf: PICK 1: The 4-Hour Body

I have always had a joy of reading.  Reading books and learning more.  Reading captivating stories that transform you into something else and transfer you away to a new destination.  I have always been a fan of several genres, but just recently have had my mind opened up to an older genre that I always thought was a little ridiculous.  Self Help Books.  These books have become my new go-to for reading.  For re-educating, for entertainment, and for building myself so I can build others.  With that said I would like to present a book to you that I have had the pleasure of reading and sharing.  I have shared this book with everyone I have come across and wanted to share with everyone this article reaches.


The 4-Hour Body.

I am not sure how but one day I ran across Tim Ferriss and he was saying something that made a lot of sense to me.  Possibly it was in a podcast but however it was, that moment brought me here.  The author of this book, Tim Ferriss, is a self-proclaimed human guinea pig.  This is not his first literary gift to the world either.  It brought me to finding out more about him and finding out about his books.  As an adult now that grew up in the pirating era, I could have easily looked for an illegal copy of the book but I did not, I bought it.  I paid hard, earned money to get this book and boy was it worth it!  This book is full of so many gems and insights that I constantly find myself remembering them throughout the day.  First, I feel It is necessary to explain, this book should not be read just from start to finish.  In the first section of the book Tim Ferriss explains how to read the book and how to use the book.  The book is broken into 4 sections. Thinner, Bigger, Faster, Stronger.


The section you choose is chock full of information and examples from either the author himself, Tim, or someone he has interviewed for the purpose of writing this book.  I dove into this book with the purpose of Getting Bigger and Stronger.  As an ectomorph it has always been difficult for me to gain proper weight and muscle, but this book helped bring a few things into context for me.  In the section titled “From Geek to Freak” I learned what exercises I should be performing, what exercises I should NOT, what kind of food and supplements I should be taking before/after workouts, how often I should be eating and what I should be consuming when I do, and how important PROTEIN and CARBOHYDRATES are.


This book is geared towards not only men but also women.  It gives instructions to improving your physical performance, sexual performance, intellectual performance, and emotional performance.    By practicing some of the things in this book you will find yourself self-correcting some things that you are not even trying to fix.  By improving your physical health, you can in turn improve your emotional health, and your intellectual health.  He provides you with general information that is good to know and keep in mind, like the below measurements and conversions from the book.

I would recommend this book to everyone that is looking to improve their health.  Be advised, there are no shortcuts, by that I mean there is no magic pill referenced that will make you lose 60 lbs overnight.  There are recommendations that you have the option of taking or not, after being shown the facts and examples to prove them.  Ultimately, the choice is yours!  You can choose to disregard it all and shelve this book.  Or you can give it away to someone else.  One thing I know is however you decide to use the book after you have bought it, you will not lose.  It will make a great gift for someone else if you feel it is not the right fit for you. However, prior to deciding it will not work, or is not the right book for you, I recommend you spend some time with it.  Try some of the things. See what works for you and see what does not.  Research some of the things mentioned on the pages, if you feel something may not be true.  Not everything will work for everyone the same way, but some things that work for some will work for others.  How else will you find out if you do not try?

Below is an image of an excerpt from the book.    Think about it.  Then remember it is from the book, “The 4-Hour Body”, and decide.  Decide whether you want to give the book a chance.  I hope you do, I hope you find something in it that helps you, and in return I hope you recommend it to someone else that could benefit as well.

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