Fashion Avenue: 5 Ways to Improve Your Style This Summer

Summer is on the way.  Change of weather means a change of clothing and style.  Some people come up with this change very well, while the others find it bothersome to shift to new things.  However, it’s not a difficult job at all, provided that you consider the basics of summer clothing and styling.  With the sun shining brightly on your head and warm breeze striking your skin and drying the moisture out of it, you need to style yourself in a way which would not only reflect elegance with will also allow you to cope up with the summer.  So, before you go for your summer shopping, you need to keep a few points in mind regarding the way you should dress yourself up this summer.  Therefore, instead of buying clothes with hefty prices, you can work with these trivial yet unparalleled tips:


1.     Try New Things

The true sense of style comes when you open your mind to new and unique options.  You don’t have to be conventional and follow blindly whatever is in vogue.  Making acceptable variations is always in your hand.  Make a good use of it.  You can wear chinos instead of wearing baggy pants or shorts. You can wear your casual dress shirts with shorts if you wish.  The important thing is that you feel comfortable and authentic in whatever you choose.

2.     Find a Signature Accessory

Fashion has always been about finding your signature style statement.  This has never changed and this is what goes with this summer too.  For women, this might be an interesting topic as they have a lot to choose from like heels, skirts., and a number of short dresses that fit for summer. However, for men, it might get boring and difficult. This is because they think that they have a limited stock to select from.  They can wear a handkerchief as a pocket square or carry a vintage leather backpack with them. These accessories give more character to your outfit. You can get a classic hat too!


3.     Wear Light Colors

Summers are all about light colors.  Remember that light color does not refer to dull ones.  It means the cool colors that soothe one’s eyes and do not make it more piercing to look at while the sun is blazing on the top.  So you can wear any shade of blue, pink, light yellow, whites, off-white and grays.


4.     Sunglasses

When talking about styling, sunglasses should never be kept off the list. Choose the ones which go best with your face cut and let the style speak.

Sunglasses have always been the first choice in summers as it protects from the sum-rays and keeps travelling easier and comfortable. They’ll go with every outfit to wear and are easy to carry. The accessories like this always elevate the class and style of your outfit and are fit for summers.


5.     Don’t get it Overdone!

Whether it’s summers or winters, the rule remains the same; don’t get overdone. Rather, you should NEVER get overdone. Getting overdone makes you look bothersome and stressed. This doesn’t display any good. So simplicity is perfect. Just go with your style statement and wear what makes you look elegant and classic and not over. Wearing too much also loses the sense of keeping oneself cool during summers. Lesser the stress, cooler it will be.

So, with the above-mentioned tips to lift up your style, this summer would not be a challenge to wear.


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