If That Makes Sense: Use Your Brain.


The human brain is an amazing organ.  Let me repeat that one more time.  The human brain is an amazing organ.  Now if you have not given up on this post already because of my repetition let go into some details to explain to you WHY the human brain is an amazing organ.


When we need to do the most menial or important task it gets done by our brain.  This is something we underestimate.  We think that by writing it down, or setting reminders/notes that this is how the task gets done.  And while this is technically true, that reminder or note would not be there if not for your brain.  See, we rely on our mind for everything and nothing at the same time.  We tell our brain to do things, to remind it to do things, but it honestly does not even need the reminder.  This is the same part of your body that keeps you breathing, that keeps your eyes open, that tells your heart to keep pumping blood.  It does not need a reminder for those things, but it needs a reminder to “brush teeth by 10:30 to get full night’s rest”?  For a brief second, try to think the situation backwards.  If your brain creates a reminder or a note, and subconsciously you tell yourself to notice this written document when you come across it, what if we could internalize that entire process?  It would be pretty amazing right? See we know that the thought creates the process, but we have forgotten that our brain creates the thought.  And by doing that everything begins and ends with the brain.


Your brain will dictate as you want it to.  By this, if you dictate the order of importance for the next 10 tasks you have planned you create the flow.  Setting a correct priority to your tasks and goals is key to productivity.  By getting the HIGH priority items completed and out of the way you will create a smoother flow for the remainder of your plan.  Remember, your brain is an organ that behaves as a muscle.  This is a very helpful tidbit of information to remember.


As with all organs, too much stress or overworking will lead to the organ exhausting or possibly becoming debilitated.  As with all things that function and behave like a muscle, not enough activity can lead to atrophy.  This is vital because you need to find a solid middle point and balance.  But at the same token, the more you work your brain without straining it, or exhausting it you will build its strength.  It will have a higher tolerance, quicker response, and a quicker recovery time.  These are all excellent advantages you want to gain leverage of , if you want your mind fit and ready to be at its best.  By having your mind at its best, you will have your entire body at its best.  Remember your mind is the start and end point of everything your body does.  From the menial to the important, your brain is ready for the give and go.


Now that we understand what it can, should, and will do…how do we get it to this point?  That is entirely up to you.  What you decide for your brain to do, or not do, is the choice you make every day.  Just be wise about your decision.  Try to find the balance.  Overworking is harmful, but under using is equally as harmful, in the long run.

If you agree or disagree with this post please leave me feedback or a comment below!  I look forward to all replies I get, and appreciate any feedback!  Please SHARE this post if you found something in it beneficial you feel someone else could use to build themselves up as well. – jae



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