Fashion Avenue: The 2 “Ers” for this Summer & Fall

We have had the pleasure (or not so much) to begin this summer season with some new fashion trends and ideas for menswear.  From the “Romphim” to “Lace Shorts” we have had a bevy of colorful pastel flavored styles, but none have truly connected with consumers.  Most have received negative results because they are too far out there.  During the summer, most people want to just be comfortable and look good.  These new trends accomplish neither, by pushing most too far out of their comfort zone.  Since these are not successful fashionable cues (yet at least), what should be the fashion trend of this summer?  It is actually a style that has been seen the last few years in moderation but needs to be seen everywhere now.


Loafers and Joggers.


The appeal of joggers have been felt over the last couple of years and the trend continues to flourish with many different styles and colors.  They have the standard drawstring joggers that have been slightly upgraded with subtle accents on the strings, and they now have joggers with belt loops to complete a more snug formal look.  Most assume joggers are at their best when paired with sneakers for a hip sporty look but they also have strong appeal when dressed up.


Loafers have made a strong case for most fashionable formal shoe-wear upgrade next to brogues and wingtips.  These humble shoes have been known for formally transcending the regular dress shoes and monk-straps due to the minimal detailing and penny-loafer history.  And while they still have classic models that are as formal as you can get, the loafers we are referencing are simply the basic leather pair.  Due to the none lacing on the loafers we are referencing, they fit perfectly with the tight elastic seal at the bottom of joggers.  This elastic seal is important for two reasons.

  1. It brings attention to the bottom of the outfit.

  2. It accentuates the fit look of the outfit.


Fit is King.


Fit has always been KING.  And while the hobo chic trends have shunned the slim close cut styles in favor of long extended fabric, close fit is still necessary when you want to show all the trimmings at their finest.  But, do not be fooled!  The trickery in joggers lie in them being fit and unfit.  Due to the sagging and spacious crotch region they are not as formal as fitted slacks or close fit chinos.  But again, due to the tight, close elastic leggings they are not viewed as informal as jeans, especially if the right fabric and color is worn.


Versatility is the Key.


The versatility in the jogger/loafer pairing is seen in the choice of upper body garment you wear.  They can appear as clean cut as you would like or as casual and relaxed as you wish.  It is entirely up to you.  Going out on a date?  Throw on a cuffed polo or an ironed button-down dress shirt with a well paired blazer.  Maybe you are going to a barbecue and want to impress but not come across as too serious.  Wear a patterned T-Shirt with the leggings pulled up a bit higher than normal.  The choice is entirely up to you.  And in a pinch if you want to go more relaxed on a beach, you can switch your loafers to flip flop.  No time necessary finding new clothes.

However you decide to wear the jogger/loafer style the important thing is to be comfortable when you do.  Joggers are meant to be comfortable, not stiff and rigid.  As long as you remember this, you are one major step closer to mastering this style, no lace shorts necessary.


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