If That Makes Sense: Lightning in a Bottle


Greatness.  This is something that we consider a characteristic of the best of the best.  Whether in sports, business, music, entertainment, hospitality, realty, or etc.  When time passes on someone’s accomplishments they want to be referred to as one of the greats, or for their work to be considered Great.  It is an adjective that cannot describe under performance.  But usually in the quest to create something great or discover greatness something else happens.

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When something has the characteristics of being great or greatness it usually comes as an initial shock to the creator or author.  All things are created, but greatness cannot be created.  It is an organic process of unfathomable proportions.  It will tie directly to the person that has created it, their influences, the setting and moment it was created in, the audience that receives it, and its lasting strength over time.  In music, great albums are released and sometimes crowned as a great before any time has passed.  Does this mean it is not Great?  Absolutely not, this simply means that at the moment that project came out its impact was felt almost immediately.  But while it may have established that title, the author usually did not intend when they began for it to be what is became.  The architect and team behind the building of the Empire State Building may have known they were creating something that was one of a kind at the moment, but there is no way they could have known they were creating something that would be ‘Great’ long after its creation, for generations of families and strangers to enjoy and remember.  But at the same token they did not KNOW it would be what it is today, they did not stop what they were doing.  had they done that, things would be different now when speaking of the structure that has become a landmark for New York City.




From menial actions come greatness.  Everything starts from something, and it is frequently something small.  This is a reminder that you have to start somewhere.  It does not have to be somewhere great but just starting will lead you to possibly having something “GREAT” or “LONG LASTING”.  This leads right into the concept of Lightning in a Bottle.


Have you ever caught lightning in a bottle?  The answer to that question is more than likely going to be a resounding no.  First of all, it would be AMAZING if you did and had proof to show everyone.  Why?  Because no one has even the slightest idea as to how to do it.  There are no instructions or guides that even begin to explain this.  But let’s say for the case of this argument you were able to catch lightning in a bottle, and had proof.  How do you go about doing it again?  How do you do something on purpose that you did by accident?  If you reenact all of the steps you did the last time you caught it, will it work?  Possibly not, because you were in the right place at the right time, to stumble upon it the first time.  This is the same with stumbling upon greatness, or trying to achieve a certain greatness that appears unreachable.


Without control of ALL variables you cannot plan realistically, to catch lightning in a bottle.  This holds true for music, art, business, and etc.  More so, how ridiculous would it look if you went out during every storm, every rainy period, and tried to catch lightning in a bottle?  This is how imitating something GREAT to create something as GREAT or GREATER can come across, if you do not succeed.  And the odds will NOT be in your favor of success.  You do not have to catch lightning in a bottle.  Maybe by just starting somewhere you will stumble upon something else great.  Stop trying to catch lightning in a bottle, and focus on doing what you do best.  As an actor, you will never be Robert DeNiro, so stop trying to be.  As an artist, you will never be Pablo Picasso, so stop trying to be.  As a musician, you will never be Tupac Shakur, so stop trying to be.  Do not let GREATNESS inhibit you from being real and successful.  The greats do not imitate, they take from their contemporaries or idols and use that as motivation, not instructions.  And remember, even if you are able to imitate to the point of duplication, the original will usually be more valuable, as it is the blueprint.


I want everyone to be great.  The reason?  because the more greta becomes the norm, the higher it pushes everything up.  The higher the quality of work.  The higher attention to detail becomes.  Success will always drive more success to occur.  And this ultimately means we will all have more examples of driving success.It is a win-win for all


If you agree or disagree with this post please leave me feedback or a comment below!  I look forward to all replies I get, and appreciate any feedback!  Please SHARE this post if you found something in it beneficial you feel someone else could use to build themselves up as well. – jae



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