The Bookshelf: PICK 2: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

I have somewhat become a self help junkie.  I have found and read many of many self help books and every now and then I come across one that is bigger than the others I have been reading.  This book is a little controversial in its approach though.  The proof is there but only if you fully commit, which is true with anything but more difficult when the commitment is not a physical but a mental.  They have sold over 19 million copies, including my copy, and maybe you would consider joining in those numbers.



The Secret.

I came across this Rhonda Byrne book from hearing about it being mentioned.  Celebrities and millionaires live by the belief in this book, so I thought I would check it out too.  The concept and belief is simple.  The secret is simple as well.  It may not seem as a secret at first glance, but we have made it the secret it is by neglecting it.  The secret is based on the Law of Attraction.

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction says you ATTRACT what happens to you.  By THINKING a thought, BELIEVING that thought, and ACTING on that thought you will turn that THOUGHT into REALITY.  But if this is true…why is it not happening for everyone?  The commitment required for execution is what is misleading.  You have to fully commit.  Commit to the point where you genuinely believe it has happened already.  Thinking is where it begins, and acting is your last step, but BELIEVING is what puts the two together.  The power of what you believe behind that thought is key.  If you believe it and act as if it is so, the law of attraction will bring it to you.  Sounds a bit mystical right?  Sounds a little absurd?  Maybe it sounds like something you have heard before though.


At first glance, the Law of Attraction sounds like something you have not heard before, but if you look beyond its name you realize this is something we are familiar with in many different ways.  There is a religious connotation that may turn some off here.  See, believing and faith is big for the law to work.  And in every religion the law of attraction is acknowledged.  The concept of cause and effect is based on a small portion of the law of attraction.  But this law is not only for positive.  In unfortunately applies to the negative too.  This means, you can draw negative things to you and into your life if you are not being careful.


The layout of the book is different from a conventional book.  It is different in that they provide you with sections and then excerpts from either legendary, famous individuals in history/science.  Then they add in perspective from known visionaries and persons of this century.  I enjoy books like this because you do not have to read directly from PAGE 1 to finish.  You can pick a section, or choose to dwell on a brief statement or excerpt.  While it is not necessary to follow any specific structure or path when reading the book, it is necessary to keep what is said in mind as you venture deeper into the book.  Everything is related to each other.  So if it is said earlier in the book or later in the book it is part of “The Secret”.


I would recommend this book to those with an open mind or with strong discipline.  The Secret in itself is easy, but having an open mind to believing it is important.  If you can believe it and believe in yourself and your thoughts LONG ENOUGH FOR THEM TO TRANSPIRE then you will be rewarded.  Will the universe bring it to you?  Possibly, depending on your belief.  It may be the universe, your religious head figure, or maybe you will bring it to yourself.  Where you decide to say it came from is your preference but if you believe in it strong enough, no matter where it came from, it will come to you.  Just be careful and remember, this applies to positive and negative thoughts and wishes.

Below is an image of an excerpt from the book.    Think about it.  Then remember it is from the book, “The Secret”, and decide.  Decide whether you want to give the book a chance.  I hope you do, I hope you find something in it that helps you, and in return I hope you recommend it to someone else that could benefit as well.

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