The Autobiography of me.  Do not worry, That is only a joke. But seriously, they say this is one of the most important sections to write and accurately describe.

The ABOUT ME section. Instead I am going to try to keep this brief and sweet with some main points about me.

I am a 1987 born male in North New Jersey.  I am nothing like the Jersey Shore show. None of my friends are, and none of their friends are either. I enjoy having a drink and relaxing as much as I enjoy diets and hardwork.  I love fashion. From Low fashion to high fashion; street style to formal attire. I love it all.

Greatness and success are things I strive for not only for myself but EVERYONE around me.  I genuinely want others to succeed, and if I can be part of that in anyway I find pleasure in that as well.  I read self help books so I can help more people than just myself.

I love music and like to think it loves me back. I occasionally will make music but usually I enjoy listening to music from a plethora of genres. If it is good, then it is good.

I could easily continue but then this would go on and on and on and…you get it. I think this tells you about me and what this site will be about in the best way.

Now check it out, check out the content and hit me up on social media or here with your thoughts, comments, or if you just want to say hello!

Not enough people just say hello these days. 🙂